A Little About You


You've been putting your home together for a while now, collecting little trinkets and adding your favorite pieces, but lately, your space has reached beyond your DIY capabilities.

You've been going through magazines, reading the latest blogs, and stalking Pinterest for that last finishing touch, only to have your space not turn out the way you envisioned.

You're ready to invite people over and have your rooms do all the talking while you soak in the praises about your newly designed space.

You're ready for a space that not only looks and feels good, but works with your unique lifestyle. A real HGTV home that screams "Wow! I want to live in that!"

You, a hardworking, do-it yourself, fixer-upper, and me, a creative, out-of-the-box designer with a plan to turn your vision into a reality. What's not to love!


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A Little About Me

Hi! I'm Olivia Benson, an interior designer from Salt Lake City, Utah who loves nothing more than designing beautiful spaces that boast of character.

I design spaces for homeowners that make them proud to call it their own the minute they walk into them (and even harder to leave!), a place you can't wait to show your friends and maybe host that get together you've been putting off for far too long.

Having design education from Weber State’s top interior design program, I have a trained eye for creating custom designed rooms that fit your unique lifestyle. Whether you need an experienced designer to bring your dream space to life, or help narrowing down choices from a sea of options, I'm here to help! Ready to love the space you live in? Let's get to work and have fun!