High Point Market: A Designer's Paradise

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Have you ever stopped to wonder where Interior Designers get all of their furnishings to design beautiful spaces?

While it's no secret that we work directly with vendors, trying to find that perfect piece for a project can present its own set of tough challenges.

Even with the internet, it's hard to really tell the quality of pieces, especially upholstered goods without seeing them in person.

Let alone factoring in the thousands of vendors located around the globe!

So how do we get the chance to see products without forking out a fortune to travel the world? 

Introducing High Point Market!

First, imagine your favorite place to shop for home decor.

Now imagine 10 million square feet of it!

Yes, you heard that right, 10 MILLION square feet of space filled with the latest trends in home fashion.

And lucky for us, the worlds largest home furnishings trade show in the world is just a short hop to North Carolina. Of course, this exclusive event held twice a year is only open to retailers and designers.

Sorry mom ;)

But don't let that put you down!

The real benefit comes from the fact that we as designers can attend this event and come back will all of these goodies to share with our clients!

So what other benefits do designers get from attending this show?

Understanding the Latest Trends

If you've ever wondered where home fashion trends originate from you've found the right place.

Now I know that not everybody jumps on the trend bandwagon, especially once it comes to things that have been around for far too long like subway tiles.

But as designers, we want to stay on top of trends. Or even better, get ahead of them!

If something catches a lot of attention at market and becomes a real show-stopper you'll bet that other vendors will jump onboard and pump out similar items the following year.

From there it becomes a snowball effect of the press and some captivating rooms done by interior designers til it becomes officially labeled as "trendy".

We also get insight from panels in this show from leading trend forecasters around the world to share all the juicy details of what is to come!

Seeing the Newest Products

Unlike trends that come and go, new products and innovations always leave a lasting impression.

For example, the most talked about buzz for innovations these last few markets have been high performing fabrics that are stain resistant to wine...yes, wine!

Get ready to say goodbye to pesky stains and little "oppsys" within the next few years!

Naturally, though new releases that are showcased in October may take until the next market in April to become readily available.

Working with New Vendors

If you've ever opened a bank account before, you know how much of a pain the process can be. Now try to imagine opening multiple accounts over the phone.

This is a big no bueno!

Fortunately, having everybody under one roof makes life a little easier once it comes to opening trade accounts since everybody requires the same documentation. 

This also gives us the chance to see the product in person before deciding if we'd like to work with them.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do when working with a vendor is to realize that the beautiful glass lamp I found online looks like a gaudy mirrored mess from the 70s in person.

Now that you understand what High Point Market is can you see how it can help you as a client?

Having an interior designer who regularly attends market makes them well informed of new technologies, products, and the latest trends in order to design spaces that are truly one of a kind and tailored to you!

What are your thoughts on High Point Market? We'd love to hear what you have to say!