How to Shop at HomeGoods Like a Pro

How to Shop at HomeGoods Like a Pro

Ah HomeGoods, that lovely home decor store that we all secretly (or not so secretly) obsess over.

If you're a die-hard, home decor enthusiast like me you've probably found yourself roaming around this store for hours on end with a cart full of goodies.

And if you haven't heard of this store I suggest you drop everything and go right now!


Afterall it's no secret that HomeGoods is a go-to for all interior designers and decorators once it comes to styling spaces.

Trust me, if designers like me are shopping here for clients you know that it must be a pretty good source for you too ;)

But with all of those treasures on crowded shelves, it can be a little dizzying to shop there!

Especially when all the good items are gone before you even arrive.

So if you want to style your rooms like the pros and learn the tricks for shopping at HomeGoods successfully, here's my top 6 tips to get you back to shopping in no time.

(1) Find Out When They Restock and Shop Early

Have you ever walked into your HomeGoods only to see that many shelves are empty with only a few sub-par options left?

The reason may be that you came long after the latest shipment of goods arrived.

Depending on how busy your location is, shipments can come every day (like my local HomeGoods) or only a few times a week. Knowing this gives you the chance to get ahead of the large crowds and really see what HomeGoods has to offer! 

Once you found out when their shipment comes in, the next best thing you can do is arrive bright and early in the morning.

Many designers I know, including myself, tend to shop at HomeGoods right when they open so they can see the latest stock.

Arriving early also means that you beat the mid-day rush!

(2) Buy Now, Decide Later

Unlike other big-box stores that carry endless amounts of inventory, once you spot something at HomeGoods you won't have much luck finding it again.

So if you spot something you absolutely love, stick it in your cart and bring it home!

Afterall if it doesn't work for your space you can always return it.

Now just to be clear, I am not endorsing the whole buy-to-use-then-return scheme, just be aware that if you spotted an item on your last visit it's very unlikely it will still be there the next time around.

(3) Download the HomeGoods App

Yes, you heard me right, HomeGoods has an app!

Because inventory varies from day-to-day and each store, there seems to be no way to track what was coming into each store.

But now with the app, your local store can post incoming items so you can catch a glimpse of what's on the shelves that day.

It's important to note however that the number of items you see a day really depends on how active your local store is at posting.

Luckily for me, my local HomeGoods posts about 5-10 items a day! But that number also varies from week-to-week.

(4) Shop with an Open Mind

There is nothing more frustrating than going shopping for one item only to have that whole selection wiped off the face of the earth.

Or entirely bought by someone else ;)

Oddly enough my favorite pieces from HomeGoods tend to be the ones I come home with that I didn't go with the intention of getting.

Being able to "take the blinders off" when shopping allows me (and hopefully you!) to shop with an open mind and notice other things I may not have paid attention to had I been looking for that perfect cutting board!

(5) Bring a Photo of the Space

I can't begin to tell you how many times this tip has saved me!

Try as we might our memories can be a little fuzzy once it comes to knowing what we already have and how it will look with the piece we are considering to buy.

Sure I may be looking for something to hang over my bed but exactly how much space do I have? And will it look good with my other decor?

Questions like these can be easily solved when you have photos on hand and is the reason why I always carry photos of my client's spaces (or my own) that need a little more tender loving care.

If you want to be even more precise, take some measurements as well!

The last thing you want is to bring home a beautiful piece of furniture or decor only to realize that it doesn't fit in the spot you were hoping for.

(6) Not all Stores are the Same

Just like no restaurant chain location is the same, even the HomeGoods stock can vary from location to location.

Some stores cater to what they know is popular in the area while others will have a smorgasbord of different styles.

This also includes what kind of selections they have in stock.

For example, I have a better selection of furniture pieces at the HomeGoods on the other side of town compared to my local HomeGoods. But my local one has a far better selection of decor items.

Knowing each locations strengths and weaknesses allows you to shop smart and go to the best one for your needs.

Was there any takeaway that stuck out to you in the post? Are you a HomeGoods fanatic like me? I'd love to hear your thoughts!