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Look at any room in a magazine and you'll notice that accessories have a huge impact on a space. Think of them as the icing on the cake for any well designed room.

Without them, a room can feel more like a cold, empty model home then the place you call home.

This is why I offer an in-and-out styling service that transforms your home into a cozy, inviting atmosphere in no time. Get ready to swoon over Instagram worthy styled buffets and tabletops!



This package is for you if...

  • That family gathering is right around the corner and you'd love to impress them with a tastefully designed place setting that is sure to impress.

  • You're struggling to find the perfect piece of artwork to hang over that lovely new sofa you purchased.

  • You want to make your home feel lived in by incorporating accessories, artwork, and pieces that show off your style and personality



So how does this work?

  1. I'll meet with you in your home to take a look at your space and discuss what you would like to have done.

  2. I'll then shop, shop, shop, until I find the perfect accessories!

  3. We'll schedule a time for me to come back and accessorize your place with all of the little goodies.

  4. After the end of the styling session we'll see what you would like to keep. I'll take back the accessories you don't want to keep and charge you retail for the ones you do.


It's that easy!


$5 per sqft.


Note: Pricing is based on the sqft. of the entire room being designed which will be measured by our team onsite. Additional rates may apply and are dependent on the complexity of the project.



Not sure if this is the right service for you?

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